Comment l’approche Newsroom permet de produire du contenu de qualité dans les temps !

Comment l’approche Newsroom permet de produire du contenu de qualité dans les temps !

On touche à un vrai sujet de fond en terme de management. L’approche Newsroom est en train de révolutionner la manière de produire du contenu.

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Let’s start with a small thought experiment: Imagine someone fully immersed in a creative activity.

Maybe the person is writing, or painting, or designing clothes.

In your picture, what kind of environment is the person in?

Chances are that you imagined someone alone at a desk or in a studio, working hard with no one else around. But in a modern marketing department, though it’s a highly creative environment, nothing gets done without collaboration.As high quality, truly creative content becomes a market advantage more and more, content teams increasingly struggle to streamline the process of creative collaboration.To meet the twin demands of outstanding content and business goals, you have to give your creative team members the time and space they need to work, while ensuring the right work gets done at the right time.And, with 73% of B2C marketers reporting plans to produce more content in 2017 in the latest CMI research […]

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