Les vidéos sociales mettent le « feel good » à l’honneur

Les vidéos sociales mettent le « feel good » à l’honneur

Intéressant de voir comment l’essor vidéos sociales sont en train de feel goodiser la communication

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Traditional marketing + modern media = modern advertising.

While this formula is still dominant (YouTube’s ads pop out before or even in the middle of a video), the cost makes its use limited to big companies that have the extra budget.

Small-to-medium businesses, however, need not fret. There are cheaper alternatives to TV and radio ads in the form of social videos. These may actually be better than more traditional options because they focus on a smaller yet more appropriate demographic . It’s like applying icing on a cake: The small focal point of an icing bag makes it controllable and suitable for detailing, while the icing spatula is for covering the whole cake with the sweet stuff.

In addition, social videos don’t necessarily advertise but instead make a company relatable in terms of vision, services, and mission. In fact, as of 2015, 70 percent of brands large and small use videos […]

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