Ce que l’on a apprendre du sport en terme de social marketing

Ce que l’on a apprendre du sport en terme de social marketing

Le sport a toujours été un formidable laboratoire en terme d’engagement. Lorsque l’on est fan d’une équipe on est prêt à faire plein de choses de façon naturelle. Bref, c’est vraiment un modèle à étudier en termes de brand loyalty.

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In today’s digital world, everyone has a home field advantage. You have the ability to connect with your customers directly and engage with them in ways that are unique to your business, not just on a social network’s terms. No one does this better than sports teams, who are using innovative engagement capabilities to drive even deeper fan conversations, extend the fan experience to new channels, and create year-round relationships for seasonal products. Here are some of their best techniques. Convert Anonymous Users Into Registered Fans

If you want to get customer information, you first have to give the user a reason to hand over their data. In order to convert anonymous users into registered fans, begin with giving incentives.

It starts with providing reasons for consumers to identify themselves via capabilities such as commenting and user-generated content. Once you spark their interest, you’ll need a unified and easy system for the user to log in. Many companies choose to create this with social login and registration. Pro Tip: Implementing social login allows users to register quickly via one of their social profiles and allows you to collect the data they are storing on that profile. Build Loyalty

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